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Whether you are looking to start your own telemedicine company or looking for clinicians to fill a need within your organization, Smart House Calls has the expertise and clinicians to help. 

Telepsychiatry Management Team

Just-In-Time Telepsychiatry Staffing 

Having trouble recruiting enough psychiatric specialist? Are you surprised how high their salaries have become?


Smart House Calls developed and tested our Just-in-Time Telepsych Staffing solution.


SHCTelepsych clinicians can remote into your organization through our Secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine software. And they can do so at times when they can most benefit your organization and your patients population. You have a sudden influx of patients? No problem. You need someone a day or two a week? No problem.


The best part is, SHCTelepsych affiliated clinicians are paid only when they provide a service. This means you will no longer find yourself losing money on salaried clinicians. SHCTelepsych clinicians are there when you need them and gone when you no longer need their expertise.


SHC Clinicians are the smart choice


Cloud Telemedicine

Designed by Healthcare Professionals...

for Healthcare Professionals!



Smart House Calls started with the belief that telemedicine can vastly improve care if telemedicine companies true partners with healthcare organizations regardless of size.  


To be a partner, organizations needed a dynamic and inexpensive telemedicine solution. They also needed a dedicated team of executives with healthcare and telemedicine expertise and they needed a 24/7 dedicated technical support staff. 

That is what you get with SHC:

  • software that is HIPAA compliant and works on any computer right now.

  • Executives that have worked in the trenches with healthcare clinicians, directors, and executives.

  • Dedicated 24/7 live U.S.-based technical support.

All this for an amazing price


Less really is More!

Security and HIPAA Compliance

The Smart House Calls software solution is Secure and

HIPAA compliant.




The software is encrypted end-to-end whether you are on a smart phone, your laptop, or using a telemedicine cart. Unlike other video conferencing companies, SHC does not record, acquire, or save any of your interactions or patient data. 


On top of that, our professionals will provide you and your staff with the tools and protocols to remain HIPAA compliant as you begin using telemedicine within your hospital or organization. We have been at this for years and we are very good at what we do.



We have you covered. 


1. Telemedicine Solutions

2. Telemedicine Clinicians

3.  Just-In-Time Telemed Staffing

Find the right Telemedicine solutions.

Are you in need of qualified physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurse practitioners or physician assistants but are not ready to hire a new employee? SHC has the clinicians you want with a payment model that essentially eliminates your financial risk. 


Are you looking for a telemedicine software solution that doesn't break the bank and can give you a positive ROI in your first month? SHC is your answer. 


Are you an independent clinician who would like to supplement your income? Have you ever thought about working with a company who could bring patients to you while allowing you to practice from your own office or from home? Contact us today. 


Cloud Telemedicine

Just-In-Time Telemedicine Staffing


Security We understand that security is your top concern in this era of data breaches. SHC does not record or maintain any of your client or organization's patient visits or data. Secure encryption end to end -- right from your smart phone, laptop, desktop, or telemedicine cart to its destination. HIPAA compliant software and HIPAA training for your staff.  


Cloud Telemedicine System (CTS): Telemedicine has been defined by large companies and very expensive legacy systems. It is not uncommon to pay $30-50k for a system plus several hundred dollars per month to maintain usability. SHC was started by clinicians in 2010 who understood the cost constraints. SHC software had to be affordable and be of high quality. How do you do that? CTS. One server rack to maintain with auto back-ups at the ready. Always on. Always ready.  


Just-In-Time Telemedicine Staffing: Physician supply is critically short and rapidly getting worse. This is especially true in psychiatry and behavioral health where patients often wait months for an appointment only to give up. If a behavioral health patient cannot get an appointment within 2 weeks, their no-show rates hit almost 50%! That leaves you with clinicians sitting around costing your organization. You could hire another clinician but it costs you everyday while they develop their patient base. We have the solution. SHC clinicians can remote into your location, treat your patients, bill for insurance, and will only get paid when they see someone. Use us until you are ready to hire a full time clinician. No more lost revenue but lots of upside for you. We want to help. We want to see you succeed. 

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