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Smart House Calls Telemedicine Services

Psychiatrist Who are Looking to Work with You

Telepsychiatry staffing

Does your organization or office have difficulty finding psychiatrists?


SHC has child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrist customers who are eager to more robustly utilize our software to see patients and help you drive revenue. Unlike locum tenen physicians, they typically work with an organization for years. Because they are telemedicine physicians, they can practice for as little or as many hours as you need. Would you like an introduction?  

Telemedicine Software

Telemedicine software physicians

Designed by Healthcare Professionals...

... for Healthcare Professionals! 


Finally, a telepyschiatry solution with a positive ROI. You can increase your practice or hospital's income immediately with Smart House Calls HIPAA Compliant Cloud-Telemedicine System (CTS). 

Smart House Calls was founded upon the philosophy that telemedicine can vastly improve care when priced right and when its available anywhere. We solved the technology formula while also offering an amazing, US-based live 24/7 tech support.

Psychiatrist and Nurse Practitioner Telepsychiatry Opportunities

Telepsychiatry consultants

No additional overhead. No hassles.         

No worries.


You are busy. Staff issues. Patient phone calls. Insurance reimbursement fights.
All are a constant struggle. What if there was a company that could connect you to new patients and take away many of the hassles?

SHC is contracting with hospital systems, rural centers, and large organizations that need quality psychiatrists and mental health nurse practitioners to see patients using SHC’s telepsychiatry software. 

Pharmaceutical Telemedicine

Pharmaceutical telemedicine

Is your pharmaceutical company looking to add value to clinicians and patients? Are you looking to improve adherence?


Psychiatrists are in critically short supply. They are frustrated by the bureaucracy of insurance reimbursement. Primary care providers find it difficult to refer their mental health patients to psychiatrists in a timely matter. As a result, patients stop taking their medications and give up on seeking treatment.


You are losing significant revenue and opportunities to connect with both clinicians and patients. Smart House Calls has developed a valuable solution that will improve your value proposition and patient adherence.

Primary Care and Medical Home Telemedicine

Telemedicine at Home, Telemedicine House Call

Secure, simple and safe Video Call with no downloads. SHC works on PC’s, Mac’s, Linux desktops and laptops as well as iOS and Android mobile devices.  

Meet with your established patients in the comfort of their home... ONLINE!

Avoid lost revenue and improve your patient access.

Relax in the comfort of your own home and still be able to "see" patients and charge for those after-hours consultations. 

Take charge of your overhead by increasing the patient panel without adding office space.

Tele-Diabetes Education

Telemedicine diabetes education

Do referred patients never seem to show up to your facility when they have been scheduled for diabetes education?


The hospital can be an intimidating place. Large complexes, unfamiliar and sterile environments, and just the fear of going to a hospital and seeing sick patients is enough to stop most well-meaning patients from traveling to your facility. 


What if patients could instead go to their primary care clinician and connect with your dieticians, nutritionists, and diabetes specialists in an efficient manner that would also drive revenue? Do you think more patients would make their appointments? Do you think more clinicians would refer to your hospital. . .

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