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Privacy Policy

Disclosure of Nonpublic Personal Information

We do not rent or sell your nonpublic personal information in the ordinary course of our business to any nonaffiliated third party. We disclose your nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated persons as follows:

(i) when we have your consent to disclose.
(ii) when we need to share your information in order to provide the product or service you have requested.
(iii) when we respond to legal process, subpoenas or court orders.
(iv) when you have violated or threaten to violate the terms of this Agreement and such disclosure is made in connection with our exercise of our rights.

We also reserve rights to disclose your nonpublic personal information to nonaffiliated third parties as follows:

(v) the right to make a confidential disclosure in connection with sale, merger, refinancing, recapitalization, or other reorganization of our entire business, or of substantial divisions of our business, provided that the disclosures are made in confidence only for the purposes of such a contemplated transaction and for carrying on the same or a related business following such transaction, and provided that the person in receipt of the disclosure is required to maintain privacy policies at least as restrictive as our applicable privacy policies;
(vi) as otherwise permitted by law, including without limitation the exceptions in 16 CFR 313.13, 313.14, and 313.15.

Your Right to Opt Out of Disclosures of Nonpublic Personal Information

If you are registered as a Customer of and you wish to opt out of disclosures of your nonpublic personal information to third parties not affiliated with Smart House Calls, LLC, please call the following telephone number: (888) 665-6967.

Communications From Which You Cannot Opt Out reserves the right to send you certain communications without giving you a right to opt out from receipt of them. The communications for which no opportunity to opt out is provided include service announcements, administrative messages, notices and demands required or permitted by law, amendments to the Agreement and the Privacy Policy, and communications concerning the rights of you, us, or any other persons affected by or the Services.

You are not provided any opportunity to opt out of protocols which are part of the function of and the Services and that are likely to disclose some personal information about you to third parties not affiliated with Smart House Calls, LLC. For example, your browser must provide an IP address to exchange communications. As another example, it is an essential part of the functional protocol for Hosted meetings using the Services of that the Customer acting as Host is supplied with a valid user name and a valid, functional email address (and sometimes additional personal identification information) for each person who requests participation in a Host's session so that the Host can exercise a right of consent to each participant. Smart House Calls, LLC does not obtain control over persons merely by accepting registration of them as Customers of or by their participation in use of the Services during Host's session. A Customer acting as a Host therefore is an unaffiliated third party that receives and could collect such information concerning prospective participants in a manner which is beyond the practical control of Smart House Calls, LLC. Similarly, a Host must provide prospective participants with means to identify a particular Host for a particular session in connection with requests for participation in that Host's particular session, and such prospective participants are third parties unaffiliated with Smart House Calls, LLC who could record that information.

Editing Your Account Information

If you have registered as a Customer of you may log on using your User ID and password, then click on the appropriate link to edit your registration information, to change your preferences, and to unsubscribe from portions or all categories of future marketing communications from Smart House Calls, LLC and its affiliates. Some of your registration information cannot be completely deleted because that information may be required to send you necessary communications and notices even after your account is terminated. To enable us to limit risks of fraud and abuse of our services and systems, it may take up to 90 days to fully implement some editing changes which you request to your account and this is particularly true of requests to terminate and delete a Customer's account. Even after 90 days it is possible that certain information may be retained in off-line backup systems, though we will endeavor to remove terminated accounts from our on-line data bases within 90 days.

Security and Confidentiality

We have physical, electronic and procedural protections to safeguard personal information about you. We limit access to personal information about you to those of our employees and to our service providers who, in our opinion, reasonably need access to such information to provide you with products and services you have requested, or for them to do their work.
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