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Telepsychiatry Opportunities

Do you remember finishing medical school? It was exciting to finally earn a decent living after a lifetime of dedicated study. You started your own business and looked forward to the promise of financial security. But you quickly realized you needed more staff and that meant more money out of your pocket.


And Money was only half the problem… now you had a staff to manage. Some of whom were good, some of whom were not so good, and hiring the good and firing the bad was stressful…even painful. On top of it all, you found yourself fighting with insurers to get paid for your hard work!


You have learned that stressful, time-consuming distractions are all part of building your practice. And they do not get easier with time. But what if there was a better way?  A way for you to own (and grow) your business, see your patients, but avoid most of those administrative hassles. How? Through a strategic partner that specializes in growing your practice and revenues while eliminating the hassles; A partner that focuses on the “distractions” while you focus on your opportunities.



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Smart House Calls Telepsychiatry contracts with and is paid by organizations that need psychiatry services from practices like yours. Smart House Calls Telepsychiatry has contracted with these organizations to provide you with both patients and the back office staff to manage them! All you have to do is connect to these organizations from anywhere through our telepsychiatry platform. You pay NOTHING for SHC’s service.


Think of it. Increased income, no hassles, no additional office space costs, no worries. Its simple economics. Your expertise is in short supply and they need you.  SHC makes its money by charging them a small fee.


All you’ll need is a dedicated high speed internet connection and a computer with a webcam. Your professional fee is always paid by the organizations needing your service. Your heard that right; It means NO MORE insurance hassles!


Secure, easy-to-use, personal telepsychiatry and SHC's ability to find and negotiate favorable terms for strategic partners like you is what makes it all possible. At SHC, we’ve got the “hassles” covered, so you can get back to what you do best… caring for patients and growing your enterprise.  



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