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Why Smart House Calls

Our value proposition as told by our SEO, Troy Heidesch

Life Saved 

How telemedicine saved one of our most vulnerable. 

Why Do I NeedTelemedicine?

Our CEO answers this common question.

HIPAA Audits are Starting

Telemedicine Law Perspective

Attorney B. Boling talks telemed legal issues and opportunities

SHC Telepsych

How SHC plans to improve psychiatrists lives. 

Start You Own Telemedicine Practice

Telemedicine and ACA

Telemedicine amidst healthcare reform: Avoiding legal pitfalls

Jennifer's Story

How telemedicine works for patients like Jennifer. 

Founder on why he started SHC

Dr. Troy Heidesch, CEO of SHC talks with MHA students and Georgia State University. He describes the problems he experienced in family practice and why telemedicine services are important for patients and clinicians.

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