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Telemedicine Software and Support

Are you looking to start your own telemedicine initiative? You can see the opportunities for innovative healthcare delivery systems and think your organization or practice could reap the rewards if you added telemedicine. Unfortunately you are probably finding that purchasing equipment and software can be prohibitavely expensive. Many systems costs as much as $50,000-$100,000 for the equipment and several hundred a month in upkeep and software costs. There is no way that clinicans can see enough patients to pay for the equipment before it wears out. 


Smart House Calls started with the philosophy that telemedicine can vastly improve care if it were only priced right and could be available to every patient no matter where they happen to be. Clinicians needed a solution that is reliable and works on anything from anywhere at any time. SHC software fullfills that requirement by placing its software in one location - a HIPAA complaint, expensive, and capable server farm - with backups ready if ever needed.

Rather than SHC needing to monitor and update thousands of computers, there is only one system; a Cloud Telemedicine System (CTS). Reliability improves, infrastructure costs decrease, and capability skyrockets!


Finally, telemedicine service that clinicans can expand to hundreds of locations at a cost similar to your cellphone bill. How is that for a positive ROI? Less is More!


The Smart House Calls solution is secure and simple, and the efficacy of telemedicine encounters are backed by evidence based medicine. The Smart House Calls video codec is HIPAA compliant, web-based with no downloads required, runs on PC’s, Mac’s, Linux machines, iOS, and Android, and has tech support available 24/7. What are you waiting for?


Click the Contact Us button to learn more about telemedicine. Click to learn about how Smart House Calls can help you generate more revenue for your organization.  


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