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Smart House Calls was started by healthcare clinicians who saw the need for increased access for patients and understood that clinicians should be paid for the time and expertise. It was time to move medicine convenience out of the 1950s and bring it up to date. 


For the past few years Smart House Calls has been providing software for primary care clinicians, cardiologists, psychiatrists, phsychologists, and therapists. Thousands of actual patient hours have been logged on the system and countless patients' lives made better.


But now we want to do more. There is a significant shortage of physicians and other healthcare and mental health clinicians. The two largest demographics (baby boomers and millennials) are reaching the age where they will need more services.  To improve effeciencies within the system SHC is marrying telemedicine and other technologies with clinician services to make a new dynamic healthcare service for patients. One that helps patients, organizations, hospitals, and clinicians.


We are going to do it and we want you on our team. Contact us. Help make patients' lives and your life better.  

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