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Independent and Local Psychiatrists Who Want to Work with Your Organization.

Telepsychiatry patient

We are not a staffing or locum tenens agency.

Rather, we have psychiatrist customers who want to work with organizations like your own. 


  • Typical telepsychiatry companies contract with you and limit what they can do for patients to only "consulting" with your physicians. They never actually treat the patients they evaluate. Instead, they burden your physicians with treatment and its malpractice liability. And they do so at a significant cost to you.

  • You may have reached out to psychiatrists in your community to provide a telepsychiatry service only to realize you had to expend significant leadership capital to train, manage, and develop continuous quality initiatives that physicians are sometimes reluctent to actively engage in.


SHC's unique solution delivers high quality psychiatrists who will treat your patients while SHC also manages these psychiatrist groups and develops actionable metrics on your patients. It's the best of both worlds. Its just Smart.

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