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Telemedicine Diabetes Education

Reduce no-shows and add value

Do you find your diabetes educators frequently waiting for patient appoinments only to have the patient not show up? Are area physicians frustrated with the lack of diabetic education in your area? How much is this costing your hospital? 


Smart House Calls technology allows you to send your nurse educators to locations that are convenient and comfortable for patients; their own homes or their doctors' offices. Using Smart House Calls, your nurse educators can demonstrate and evalute proper techniques for blood sugar testing, medication administration, and foot care. They can also stream diabetes education videos right to the patient while continuing to watch and interact with the patient just as if they were in the same room. 


Patients and their clinicians we view this as an amazing way to get better treatment adherence and outcomes. What are you waiting for? Contact us by clicking the link above and let's get started!


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