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Telemedicine in Primary Care!?

House Calls Are Back!
House Calls Are Back!


Smart House Calls provides an easy, secure,  and HIPAA compliant Cloud Telemedicine Software (CTS) platform allowing Healthcare Providers the ability to have virtual House Calls with their existing patients. No downloads.  No software updates.  No problems.  The software is so simple even a doctor can use it! 


All that is required is a computer with a webcam and a dedicated high speed internet connection (the use of headphones are strongly recommended to maintain privacy and security).  Smart House Calls video calls can be made on any computers using Windows, Mac OsX, or Linux systems. It can also be used on your iPHone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets!


It is not intended to replace your face-to-face visits, but rather enhance your current relationships.


Click on our "Contact Us" link above to learn more, and thank you for being a part of making the future possible today with Smart House Calls!



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