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Teleconferencing Key Commands



Moderator / Instructions


  1. Dial in to the Conference Number

  2. Enter the Moderator Code, followed by the # key.


Commands Available To Hosts/Moderators


Code Description                                                                                                                 Moderator            Conferee

*2        Press *2 to begin recording of conference. System will prompt Host to enter file name.        YES                                NO


*3        Press *3 to exit the conference                                                                                                           YES                                YES


*4        Press *4 to hear the menu of automated commands                                                                    YES                                YES


*5        Press *5 to enable Lecture mode. In Lecture mode guests may unmute themselves by         YES                                NO

            pressing *6. Press *5 again, and Guest may not unmute themselves. Press *5 a third

            time, and all callers are unmuted.


*6        MUTES the INDIVIDUAL line                                                                                                                 YES                               YES


*7        SECURES the conference, press *7 again to unlock conference.                                                   YES                               NO


*8        Gives the Call Count                                                                                                                              YES                                NO


*9       Turns Tones On or Off                                                                                                                            YES                               NO


*0       Operator Assistance                                                                                                                               YES                               YES


#3       Increase Volume                                                                                                                                     YES                               YES


#8      Roll Call Broadcast: plays roster of recorded names in to conference.                                         YES                                NO


#9      Roll Call: plays roster of recorded names only to the Host.                                                             YES                               NO

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